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Combination of mops

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The lightweight and ergonomic design is less labor intensive than traditional mops and other simple mops. This virtually eliminates cross-contamination during cleaning and significantly reduces the use of chemicals and water.

✅ Simple and easy drying: our revolutionary self-cleaning system keeps dirt away from the floor and never returns. Less laborious than a spin mop or spray-mop, drastically reducing the consumption of water and chemicals, purifying it more effectively.
✅ Wet or dry use: perfect for the home, kitchen, bathroom, office and corner cleaning. Use wet for deep cleaning or dry dusting of floors, ceilings, windows and other surfaces.
Ic Microfiber Cleaning Mop: head in ultra-fine weave microfibre that effectively lifts dirt and holds water like a cotton refill or a disposable spray.
✅ High quality construction: the sturdy bucket and the stainless steel handle do not rust stains, are unbreakable and last a long time.

Never wash your mop by hand again ???


Double drain valve, washing area and dehydration zone do not affect each other, separate drainage!


Material: microfibre, stainless steel, plastic
Size of the mop head: 34 * 12 cm
Length of the blade (extendable): 120 cm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Combination of mops includes:

1 * stick
1 * bucket
1 * cloths